These are from our 2014 – 2017 Strategic Plan. Click here for more information.

OEO Policies

  • Complaint resolution may be requested by any member of the public.
  • Complaints must be related to Washington’s public education system and students who are currently enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in or receive services from Washington’s public school system.
  • Ombuds will intervene directly only with written permission of parents/legal guardians and/or students who are currently enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in elementary or secondary public schools in the State of Washington. 
  • Complaints are taken in any language over the phone, online, by fax, mail or in person.
  • Ombuds work primarily by phone, phone conferencing or video conferencing and attend meetings, as resources allow, to achieve the most positive result possible during alternative dispute resolution processes. 
  • OEO does not replace existing public school complaint systems, or local, state, and federal grievance or appeal procedures, and does not provide legal advice or representation.
  • OEO maintains confidentiality around all records, materials, and information gathered in the course of providing services, unless disclosure is otherwise required by law.  To protect consumer privacy, OEO does not disclose any personally identifiable information in its data and reporting. 
  • OEO does not intervene with elected officials, private schools, universities, colleges, businesses, or preschools.
  • OEO does not conduct formal investigations or make findings on any issue, including complaints regarding allegations of professional misconduct.