Carla Rogenmuser Bio

Carla Rogenmuser is an Associate Education Ombuds in the Office of the Education Ombuds (OEO).

Her journey from local charter and traditional public school parent and teacher advocate to charter community ally and family-school facilitator has given her many opportunities to learn from and build common understandings with various groups. As a parent of neurodivergent children, her families lived experiences within Washington’s education system has shown her the necessity of intentionally pursuing equitable and inclusive practices on every level in order to truly serve all students—and their families—in all schools.

She is one of the voices you will hear answering the OEO Intake Phone line to listen to and document your concerns or questions about Washington’s K-12 public schools. Carla’s core values are Community, Connection, and Love and she hopes that each person she speaks with will feel her love and respect for their humanity during their conversation.

If your concern involves a specific K-12 student enrolled in a public school who is out of school (including students with disabilities receiving partial school days), identifies as a person of color, Black, or indigenous, experiencing homelessness, in kinship or foster care, involved with the juvenile justice or rehabilitation systems, an immigrant, refugee, asylee, or migrant, or a student or family whose primary language is other than English, Carla will schedule you for a meeting with a Senior Education Ombud to discuss informal conflict resolution strategies or coaching.

If your concern involves a specific K-12 student enrolled in public school who is not in those categories or is about another concern with a public school in Washington, Carla will listen carefully and provide with you relevant information, toolkits, or other resources to help answer your questions whenever possible.

Before putting down roots in the Pacific Northwest, Carla grew up in rural Pennsylvania Dutch Country, attending public school and then homeschooling through high school. She adores books, especially fantasy adventure like The Phantom Tollbooth, sunshine, traveling, spending time at the beach, practicing niwaki techniques in her yard, and singing along to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.