Can I (the parent) get in trouble if my child misses a lot of school?

Possibly, yes. If a child is truant, a parent might face a court hearing, and possible fines or community services.

If a child has 7 unexcused absences in a month, or 15 unexcused absences in a school year, a school district can file a petition with the juvenile court against the parent, the child or both.

If a court finds that a parent failed to ensure their child attends school as required, the court can order the parent to:

  • Pay a fine of not more than $25 for each day of unexcused absence; or
  • Do community service.

A parent can avoid the fines by showing that the school didn't follow its duties to notify, meet or work with the parent and student to reduce absences, or by attending a conference to address the reasons for the absences and participating with the school and student in a supervised plan for attendance.