Our Staff

We are a small team of 8 (OEO Organizational Chart) working statewide to reduce the opportunity gap and support collaborative problem-solving between families and schools.  Read more about who we are as a team below:

  • Carrie Griffin Basas, Director - Email, Bio
  • Danielle Eidenberg, Senior Education Ombuds - Email, Bio
  • Rose Spidell, Senior Education Ombuds - Email, Bio
  • Yordanos Gebreamlak, Senior Education Ombuds - Email, Bio
  • Jinju Park, Senior Education Ombuds - EmailBio
  • Seema Bahl, Associate Education Ombuds - EmailBio
  • Sean Heans, Community Engagement Specialist - Email, Bio
  • Stephanie Palmquist, Media and Database Coordinator - Email, Bio