What if my foster child has already missed school from moving around a lot, and will have to miss more for court and other appointments?

Children and youth who are in foster care (youth who are dependent under the child welfare laws), often end up missing school for reasons beyond their control. They also often face unique challenges and need support from their schools and other adults who care for them. For those reasons, state law requires schools to work together with foster parents, parents, caseworkers, educational liaisons, an attorney if the youth has one, and other adults involved in the student's life, to take a close look if a youth in foster care is absent unexpectedly or often. They must work together to figure out why the student has been absent and school staff are required to work proactively with the student to support them with their school work so the student won't fall behind or get in trouble for missing school.  You can find more information and resources on OSPI's Foster Care Education Program page (Foster Care | OSPI) and from your local Foster Care liaison.