¿Se requiere que las escuelas recopilen o informen datos sobre la frecuencia con la que usan restricción o aislamiento?

Yes. Each school district in Washington State is required to collect data on the use of restraint and isolation. They must summarize the written reports completed for each use of restraint or isolation and submit the summaries to OSPI each year.

For each school, the district must include:

  • the number of individual incidents of restraint and isolation,
  • the number of students involved in the incidents,
  • the number of injuries to students and staff, and
  • the types of restraint or isolation used.

OSPI is required to publish the data on its website.

OSPI may use this data to investigate the training, practices, and other efforts used by schools and districts to reduce the use of restraint and isolation.

You can find the data on OSPI’s website, here: https://ospi.k12.wa.us/student-success/health-safety/school-safety-center/restraint-and-isolation

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights Civil Rights Data Collection also includes data regarding uses of restraint or isolation, and that data can be found at http://ocrdata.ed.gov/.  

Accurate, reliable data is a critical tool to support efforts to reduce or eliminate the need for and use of restraint and isolation in schools. With timely access to reliable data, school communities can identify needs and target proactive and preventative supports for students and staff.