What happens if my child misses more school when there is already a truancy case?

Updates to the Court: if a court issues a truancy order, the school district is required to update the court on your child's attendance. The district has to give the first update within 3 months, and then continue to update the court for as long as the case is open.

If a court decides that a student violated its order, it can require the student to:

  • Do community service;
  • Participate in intensive wraparound services;
  • Meet with a mentor; or
  • Engage with other services or interventions the court decides are appropriate.

Our state used to allow courts to send students to juvenile detention for truancy.  Starting in the summer of 2021, that is no longer allowed.  

Courts and school districts have to find other ways to work with students and families to help students re-engage with school.