Public Records Request Form

Requestor's Address
The Washington State Public Records Act requires state and local agencies to make their records available to the public. Pursuant to state law, the Office of the Education Ombuds, within five (5) business days of receiving a public records request, will:
  1. Acknowledge receipt of the request, and
  2. Request clarification of the request, if necessary;
  3. Provide a reasonable estimate of time necessary to gather the records (if the records cannot be accessed within 5 business days);
  4. Deny the request, in whole or in part, and explain the basis for the denial; and/or
  5. Produce the records by making them available for inspection or photocopying;
Cost: There is no cost to review records in person or to receive them by email or via an electronic document exchange service such as Dropbox. Please note that email is not a secure medium. There will be a charge of $0.15 cents per page for printed or faxed responses that exceed 25 pages, as well as actual costs of mailing printed copies.
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