What if my child is sick a lot, and can’t make it to school?

Being sick is a valid excuse for being absent. A child should have the chance to make up what they missed, and not get in any trouble for being absent. At the same time, if a child misses a lot of school for any reason, it makes it hard to keep up with the work and take advantage of opportunities available at school. If your child is sick a lot, you can ask the school to work with you to find ways that your child can keep learning, and making progress with school work, even if it has to happen somewhere other than the classroom. If a child has a chronic medical condition, like asthma, severe allergies, or another condition that can cause frequent absences, they might qualify as a child with a disability under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (“Section 504”).  If a student might have a disability and need accommodations, you can ask for an evaluation to see if they might be eligible for a Section 504 Plan, or an “IEP” (Individualized Education Program). Find more information on Evaluations, IEPs and 504s in OEO's Parent Guides: Protecting the Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in Public Schools. If a student is temporarily unable to attend school for four weeks or more because of a physical and/or mental disability or illness, they might qualify for Home/Hospital Instruction. More information is available here: https://www.k12.wa.us/student-success/learning-alternatives/homehospital-instruction.