What happens when a district files a truancy petition?

Notice of the Truancy Petition: first, the district should make sure you get a copy of the petition that it files with the truancy court. They can first try to get it to you by certified mail. If that doesn't work, the district should take additional steps to make sure you get a copy. If you hear that a petition has been filed with the court, but you haven't seen a copy of it, you should be able to get a copy by calling the school, or the district office. Stay of Petition for Community Truancy Board Intervention: When the court gets the petition, it generally won't move forward immediately with a court hearing. First, it will “stay,” or hold onto the petition while the student and parent are referred to a Community Truancy Board. If there is no Community Truancy Board in your area, then the court will schedule a hearing date or order other steps aimed at reducing your child's absences. If you are referred to a Community Truancy Board, but do not attend, or are not able to reach an agreement, or you or your child does not comply with the agreement within the timeline set by the Community Truancy Board, then the case would go back to the court. Notice of Truancy Court Hearings: you and your child should receive notice of any court hearings, in a language you can understand. If a hearing is set, the court can require you, your child, or both of you to attend. If the court decides your child has been truant, it can issue an order assuming “jurisdiction,” or authority over the case. The court can stay involved for as long as it determines is appropriate to make sure your child is attending school regularly. Updates to the Court: if a court issues a truancy order, the school district is required to update the court on your child's attendance. The district has to give the first update within 3 months, and then continue to update the court for as long as the case is open.