Request a Training, Outreach Event, or Community Clinic

Request a Training, Outreach Event, or Community Clinic

We improve families and communities' understanding of how our public K-12 schools work so that schools, families, and communities can start from the same place to make decisions that support students, strengthen the family-school relationship, and reduce opportunity gaps.

We offer free presentations, trainings, and outreach on a wide range of issues!  We also offer community clinics in partnerships with nonprofits or schools to bring our ombuds services directly to your neighborhood, when we can.

Some of our recent trainings have covered conflict resolution; family engagement; harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB); school discipline; supports for homeless or foster youth; language access; and services for students with disabilities. We are very interested in building community capacity to expand the reach of our small staff.  If you have good information, you can help many students succeed!

OEO can customize trainings for families, community groups and leaders, and educators to meet their needs.  Listed below are a few sample outlines of OEO trainings to give you a sense of our services:

Under our strategic plan, we are expanding our focus on outreach trainings and events through 2023 that address K-12 students who are:

OEO has limited staff and resources for travel and gives preference to events that reach:

  • Larger audiences
  • Concerns that fit within our strategic plan and increase educational equity
  • Community-capacity building through a train-the-trainers model
  • Presentations that can be delivered online, such as interactive webinars

Our team is committed to disability justice and disability and language access.

If you’d like our team to present at your next event, we ask that you take the following steps as the host to support this our inclusion efforts:

  • Create accessible flyers or other event promotion materials with a contact person for language and disability access and accommodations
  • Commit to providing those accommodations and access
  • Host the event in a physically accessible space
  • Provide amplification (e.g., microphone, speakers) for participants

In turn, as your partner, we will:

  • Ensure that our presentation materials and activities are accessible
  • Support you in learning more about access and identifying resources

We look forward to collaborating with you!

One place to start on your accessibility journey is our Guide to Accessible Event Planning.  You will find specifics about improving access at your events here.

If you are interested in hosting a presentation, training, outreach event, or clinic, please contact to ask about availability.