Supports for Students with Disabilities

Supports for Students with Disabilities

“Disability is a natural part of the human experience ….”  -- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Students with disabilities attend school in every community.   Over the course of our lifetimes, about 20% of us, or 1 out of every 5, will have some kind of disability.

All students with disabilities have the right to equal access to education, and to be free from discrimination. Depending on the nature of a student’s disability and how it affects them at school, the school may need to provide accommodations, modifications, specially designed instruction, or other supports in order to for the student to have equal access and participate in school.

  • Students with a disability who need some kind of specially designed instruction can receive “Special Education” through an “IEP” or Individualized Education Program.
  • Students with a disability who need accommodations might have a “Section 504 Plan.” 

If you think a student might have a disability and need accommodations or specialized instruction, you can request that the school district do an evaluation.

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