Katebed eo ad im Kein remaanlak


Jenij jerbal ippen baamle ko, community ko, im jikuul ko ñan lale inepata ko ad ippen dron bwe aolep rijikuul ren maroñ bok kunaer im bed ilo jikuul ko an loblej ilo Washington K-12.


Elap ad kaurok independent eo ad, jab drike dron kin race, im ad lale community ko ad. Jenij katak ainwot juon team jen baamle ko, rijikuul ro, im community ko ñan komman bwe aolep ren jella kin vision in.

To understand how we bring our mission and vision to life in our work, please read our strategic plan for 2020-2023, found here.  To request this document, or any other OEO documents, in another format or another language, please email us at oeoinfo@gov.wa.gov or call us at: 1-866-297-2597.